Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Little known, but GREATLY appreciated

You know what the best thing about my friends? They INSPIRE me to greatness. One of my best friends, David, wrote a post on the cartoons that had a major formative influence on him. His post (to read it,click here) listed some great cartoons. So, now you're wondering what I was inspired to do by this posting?

I was looking at the intros he posted and a thought occurred to me. Everyone talks about the best cartoons of the 70s, 80s, 90s, whatever, right? Because David was talking about those shows that were important to him, I thought about a segment of shows that doesn't really get talked about: the shows that you watched that no one talks about. The cartoons that you watched that no else seems to have seen. For me, there's several.


I hate to admit this, but this was my first introduction to the Native American mindset. I was a kid, okay? But the show was cool in my book. It was sci-fi with a western twist and an element of magic. It appealed to me greatly, but very few people know about this show. For years, I thought I had made it up.

COPS: Central Organization of Police Specialists

I've always liked police officers. Anyone that accepts lousy pay to protect me from crap gets my respect. For me this was, is, and always shall be the ONLY cops show I will EVER watch.

Centurions: Power Extreme

I.... have no excuse for this. There's no merit to this show, except the memory of me running around my room as a kid striking various "Power Poses" and yelling "CENTURIONS... POWER EXTREME!"


I read the comics, and I liked the idea of a team of anti-heroes kicking butt and loving it. They did it because they were getting paid. And they didn't like each other either. This was more than X-Men infighting, and the theme of a non-cohesive unit is so good, the comics industry is STILL using it (look up Thunderbolts). The cartoon didn't capture as much of that flavor, but it was more than was readily available to me at the time I watched it.

Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors

I have had many conversations with people listing their favorite cartoons and this one never comes to mind. Then I mention that I'm a big fan and I get "Oh my god, YEAH!! I loved that cartoon!!" Again, we have the blend of sci-fi & magic (a big thing for me, it just makes stories SO much more interesting) but there's something about a character's search for family that just speaks to me. Normally, it would be the wizard who I would like the best, but in this case I watched the show for Jayce, hoping every episode that he would find his father.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold

This is the greatest cartoon I EVER watched. The story is engrossing, the characters were amazing and surprisingly nuanced. And if I remember it right, it's also the only cartoon of its time to be historically accurate. And that INCLUDES it's portrayal of the Spanish conquistadors and their actions in the "New World". I love it so much, that it's the only intro I'll embed in this posting.


  1. Cool! I loved watching C.O.P.S. and Centurions, man! They weren't on my list only because I could only choose 10. I've heard of the other, but never seen them. With the exception of Mysterious Cities of Gold. When and on which channel did this ever air in the U.S.? It almost seems like a Latin American cartoon dubbed into English, and not just because of the setting. The animation and music (the melody, not the words) specifically.

    Btw, glad my list could inspire! :)

  2. Wasn't C.O.P.S. awesome?? They released the whole series on DVD a little while ago. I loved watching Centurions, but looking back it seems so cheesy now.

    M.C.O.G. aired on Nickelodeon Monday-Fri somewhere around 2-4pm... And you're not far off. The cartoon was originally done in FRENCH! They re-dubbed it in English. I loved watching this show, especially the little informative videos at the end.

    But in the U.S., most of those were taken out. So, I've never seen all the informative shorts at the end.