Saturday, May 25, 2013

Details on the shows I watch...

Ever since I put up the post about how many TV shows I follow, people have been asking me how in the hell I can watch all these shows? Don't I have a job? Well there are a several factors that help me out with this. First, I don't have a girlfriend/wife calling for me to spend time with her, or kids to wrangle. I don't go out drinking or partying. In fact, most of my free time is spent at home. Take a moment and think about how much time you spend having dinner with your partner's family, or going out to do something they want to do. Or entertaining guests, or watching sports. Have you got it all? Now, add up all that time and then fill it with nothing but TV shows and you'll get an idea not only of how to get it done, but also how I pass most of my days.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Thoughts On... Magic: The Gathering

If you've been reading my blog for any significant length of time, you should know that I am very much a fan of magic and sorcery based entertainment. In a previous post, I delved deeply into why it appeals to me so I won't go into that again. Last week, I was directly exposed to a new avenue of said entertainment, namely the trading card game known as Magic: The Gathering.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life Notes: Current Updates...

About a week before starting my current job, I was pulled over and given a ticket for not having my car inspected. Then I got the job, and with all the craziness about figuring out the commute, starting the job, learning my duties, switching my sleep schedule, etc. I forgot to pay it. Actually, I thought I had already paid it. But looking at my records now, I realize that I didn't pay it. I simply forgot. A couple months go by and the DMV suspends my license and registration because I didn't pay the ticket or the fines. Notice how I didn't say they sent me any letters or anything. They just went ahead and suspended me.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thoughts On.. How Much TV I Actually Watch

I am an unapologetic aficionado of movies, and TV. Look over the posts on this blog and you'll see that a disproportionate number of my posts have to do with television in some form or another. But it's not just about watching the shows, I talk about them, think about the themes presented in them, etc... A recent conversation with a friend of mine got me to thinking about how many shows I actually watch. So, I decided to make a list.