Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Great Apartment Hunt

It's been awhile since I posted, dear readers, and I apologize. But I do have good reason. Two actually. One, I've been swamped at work and haven't had the residual neural energy to write. Second, I was hunting for a new place. I'm sure, dear readers, that you've noticed we were closing in on my first anniversary in Manchester. Now, my life is very different that it was when I first got here.

For example, Manchester has lost a great deal of its appeal. There is virtually nothing for me to do here. There isn't even a MOVIE THEATER in the town!! I'm working in Nashua. My lease is up. I don't like this place anymore and I can't afford to live here, either. So, at the beginning of the month, I started looking for an apartment. I'm also experiencing a relapse of my hermitism, so I'm looking for a place for myself. Just a nice one bedroom, no roommates unless they are female and willing to have sex with me. B-)

The good news is, it only took me a couple of weeks to narrow the search down to 4-5 places. I made the mistake of telling my co-workers about my apt hunt and that's when things really got fun. My boss immediately announced that she has veto power over where my next apartment will be, and my coworkers all started giving me advice and hunting down ads for me in newspapers & on the 'Net. It was very touching how much they got into it. Even the CEO was in on it!

A couple days ago, my app was approved and I put the deposit down on the place. In a few days, I will be a resident of Nashua, NH. A town that HAS a movie theater, that I currently work in, and has more than one good chinese food place!! When I move in, I'll put up some pics of the place.


  1. Great news, man! And -- HOLY BALLS, a blog entry not about tv shows or movies. FINALLY! :)

    But, yeah, pics would be nice when you move in. Make it so, Ensign Lopez!

  2. Hey, that is totally inaccurate assessment!! I had the one post about Fall being my favorite season!!