Thursday, September 23, 2010

TV Premiere Week

Another of the reasons I LOVE the fall is TV premieres. I'm watching a bunch of the new shows and picking up with my old ones. Once the premieres are over I'll give a bit more detail on the new shows. As for my old ones, I loved the season premieres of House, and Castle. I was okay with the start of Vampire Diaries. And Glee pretty much picked up right where it left off, okay dialogue & good music. How I Met Your Mother was good, it was so great to see Barney again.

I'm SO looking forward to the premiere of V. They're running a new take on Diana, and they're bringing in the woman herself, Jane Badler!! It's going to be EPIC!!! I'm also looking forward to the season premiere of Supernatural. I'm expecting some BIG things from this season!

I'll give more details reviews later...

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