Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Chill Falls Over Gotham....

There's two months left and my anticipation builds with each passing day. So far, every thing I've heard & seen for Arkham City makes the game look even more awesome. Yesterday, they jumped to a new level of awesomeness!!!! They revealed a new boss and he looks off the HOOK!!! To modify a phrase from a tv show I'm watching:


Now, I have to admit, when I first read Mr. Freeze in the comics, I wasn't too impressed. He just seemed like a blank slate villain of the week to me. But when the people creating Batman: The Animated Series re-wrote him, he became much more fascinating. They maintained the hard-nosed aloofness of the comics version, while simultaneously adding a layer of tragic sadness & misery to him that made me empathize with Victor Fries's plight. These same people are working on the Arkham City game and they are carrying on with Dr. Fries's story in excellent fashion. Check out the trailer:

Wasn't that amazing? And I noticed a few things. One (and this is really awesome) they managed to get Michael Ansara (the voice actor who played Freeze in Batman:TAS and Batman Beyond) to reprise the role!!!!* Second, in terms of game mechanics, it looks like the boss fights in B:AC are going to be more customized to the style of the villains you're facing, which is amazing considering that the repetitive nature of the boss fights in B:AA was one of my pet peeves with the game. October 18th can not come fast enough!! What are YOUR thoughts on Mr. Freeze?

*NOTE: Turns out I was wrong on the actor playing Mr. Freeze. It's actually Maurice LaMarche.Another great veteran voice actor. 


  1. I don't know, that Poison Ivy fight near the tail end of Asylum seemed pretty darn tailor-made to the boss to me.

    But I know what you mean. :)

    And, unlike you, I'm refusing to look at any footage or read any details about this game until I play it. So I'll just take your word that it's cool and leave it at that.

    But, yeah, Freeze was never an interesting villain to me. Even in TAS, although he was damn sight better character there than he was in the Schumacher movie. *shudders*

    I did always like the voice actor for him in the animated series, so this is great news to hear. Thanks!

  2. Well, it turns out that I was wrong about the voice actor. It's not Michael Ansara. It's actually Maurice LaMarche, another veteran voice actor. I know him best as the voice of The Brain from Pinky & The Brain. But he has many other beloved voice roles.

    In either case, they got a strong, powerful actor to voice Mr. Freeze and this trailer is definitely a good sign that they'll portray him properly.