Monday, January 16, 2012

The Colony: The Second Reality TV Show I Watch...

This is why I hate the Discovery Channel (TDC). I have frequently stated that Fear Factor is the only reality TV show that I would watch. The folks at TDC heard that and unbeknownst to me said, "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!" They jumped into a time machine, went back to 2009 and created a reality show called "The Colony".

Now, before you start waving victory flags and signing me up for your "Survivor" viewing parties, go back and re-read what I just wrote. This is a show created by THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL. You know what that means? There isn't any million dollar contest bullshit going on. The point of the show is to TEACH its viewers. You watch the show to LEARN stuff. I will admit that "The Colony" is a reality TV show, but I use that label EXCEEDINGLY loosely.

Here's the premise of the show:

Our world, as we know it, could end in a moment. Nuclear war, global pandemic, and other threats could wipe us all out. If you were to live through the disaster, how would you survive? The Colony is an experiment that simulates a post-apocalyptic world where 10 volunteers are given the task of surviving and re-building civilization for 10 weeks. The part that really makes it interesting is you get insights into the three major aspects of the show: psychology, security, and technology by experts during the show!!

Now, I just found this show, so I'm only on S1 which takes place in a cordoned off area of Los Angeles where they simulate life after a global catastrophe. In doing some research, I found that the SECOND season of the show takes place in an isolated area near New Orleans where they simulate life after a global viral outbreak, and that they just finished casting for the 3rd season. It'll be interesting to see what apocalyptic scenario they test out this time!

The first two seasons are available for download and on DVD. If you're looking for a good show, I highly recommend The Colony. Check out the series with this trailer for season 1:

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