Saturday, May 5, 2012

To My Eternal Shame...

Despite my deep and abiding love for music, there are several arenas of music that don't really appeal to me. One of these arenas is the Musical. There are very few (about 4, actually) that I can honestly say that I like. Mostly because the bulk of musical theater can only get either the story OR the music right. It's rare for me to find musicals that get both of them. The musical I revile the most is Grease. I hate that movie with a passion that is almost holy.

The music sucks, the story is garbage, and the acting....BLECH!! Yet, despite my well advertised dislike for that damned movie, I get repeatedly bludgeoned with it by friends, family, even my beloved television programs. Earlier today, I was working on a playlist (Upbeat Mix 2nd Series Disc 3) when a song came into my head that I could barely remember. In fact, I could only remember a couple of lines from the chorus. I did some research online and, much to my horror, I found the origin of that song.

Now, I know what you're thinking, that the song I was remembering came from Grease, but no. That wasn't it. My research showed me something much, MUCH worse. The song came from......

Grease II

Yes, my dear readers, it's true... There is one song that exists in that atrocious hellhole of melodious torture known as Grease-related music that actually appeals to me.

Now, before you lose all respect for me, I do have three points in my defense!! One: This song is one the final releases of the old school Motown sound, but recorded in the early 80s when technology made recording music much higher quality. Two: It's song by the FOUR TOPS!!! One of the greatest groups in the history of music! Second only to the Temptations!! And Three: It's only that SINGLE track! Nothing else appeals to me!! That has to count for something, right? 

I know, I know. I can only hang my head in shame, as I join the vast, unwashed masses who worship Grease and Grease II, if only for the one song. *sigh* Can you ever forgive me?

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