Thursday, December 6, 2012

Into Darkness

I found out that Paramount has released a teaser trailer before the release of the real trailer on Dec.17th. I have just watched it and it looks AMAZING!!! I can't wait until next summer!!! Here's the video:

I saw that trailer, and I was like WOW! And this is the "announcement" trailer for another trailer (which, yes, I think is completely dumb, but there's nothing I can do about that), can you IMAGINE what that's going to be like? Oh, and the actor doing the voice over, Benedict Cumberbatch, is a personal favorite of mine, most recently seen in the BBC series, Sherlock, playing none other than Sherlock Holmes himself.

If you wish to see him without going to the UK, check out The Hobbit. He'll be playing the part of a Necromancer, joining his Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman (young Bilbo Baggins). I remember being worried about the first installment in the Star Trek reboot, but when I watched it, all worries were taken away. It hit all the right character notes, had a great cast, and had a great, engaging storyline. It looks like Bad Robot Productions is keeping things going with the sequel. This makes me wish there were a Star Trek show on TV, though. *sigh*

Until next time, my dear readers, live long and prosper.

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