Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life Notes: Current Updates...

About a week before starting my current job, I was pulled over and given a ticket for not having my car inspected. Then I got the job, and with all the craziness about figuring out the commute, starting the job, learning my duties, switching my sleep schedule, etc. I forgot to pay it. Actually, I thought I had already paid it. But looking at my records now, I realize that I didn't pay it. I simply forgot. A couple months go by and the DMV suspends my license and registration because I didn't pay the ticket or the fines. Notice how I didn't say they sent me any letters or anything. They just went ahead and suspended me.

One night, as I was giving my roommate a ride home, a cop pulled me over. This is when I find out that my license was suspended. And since it had been NINE DAYS since the suspension went into effect, I was essentially caught operating a car with a suspended license and arrested. They had to use double cuffs and had to uncuff me to get me in the "paddy wagon" to take me to the police station. Thankfully, the cop didn't get my car towed. Ironically, this whole thing happened about 3-5 blocks from my house. Which is about 2-3 blocks away from my local police station. I spent about an hour in lockup and then was sent home with a May 17th court date.

A few days later, I was able to sort out stuff with the DMV and pay some fines which allowed me to drive again. Now I was just dependent on getting to the court date.

That court date was this past Friday. Since this was my 2nd offense in 2 years, the fines were a bit higher and (depending on the judge I got) there was the slight chance of me spending 3 days in jail. Possibly non-consecutively, but still it's 3 days in jail. Thankfully, the judge was lenient on me and I got no jail time. 

And so, I'm back on the road and nothing but future problems to deal with; the next of which is scheduled.... immediately!

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  1. Rodney you're the last person I would imagine to be arrested! Glad you didn't have to spend any time in the slammer!