Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thoughts On.. How Much TV I Actually Watch

I am an unapologetic aficionado of movies, and TV. Look over the posts on this blog and you'll see that a disproportionate number of my posts have to do with television in some form or another. But it's not just about watching the shows, I talk about them, think about the themes presented in them, etc... A recent conversation with a friend of mine got me to thinking about how many shows I actually watch. So, I decided to make a list.

What follows is a list of all the shows I watch that are currently airing episodes. This means that while they may be on a summer/winter break, the show is not cancelled and new episodes are still being ordered by the networks, in production by the studios, and/or still being broadcast on TV. So, some shows that have been recently cancelled are still on this list because they are finishing out their final episodes. Here we go..

Arrow Bates Motel Big Bang Theory Being Human Bones
Burn Notice Californication Castle Continuum Covert Affairs
Criminal Minds CSI Da Vinci's Demons Defiance Doctor Who
Elementary Franklin & Bash Following, The Game Of Thrones Glee
Go On Grimm Hannibal Happy Endings Haven
House of Cards House of Lies How I Met Your Mother Last Man Standing Lost Girl
Mentalist, The Necessary Roughness Nikita Once Upon A Time Orphan Black
Person Of Interest Real Time With Bill Maher Restaurant: Impossible Revolution Royal Pains
Sherlock Smash Suits Supernatural Talking Dead
Touch Vampire Diaries, The Vegas Walking Dead, The Warehouse 13
Late Additions:
Dexter Newsroom, The

All told, that's about 52 shows.

Needless to say, I watch A LOT of television.  Honestly, this list kind of surprised even ME. I didn't realize just how many shows I'm currently in to. And this is NOT considering all the cancelled shows that I stopped watching this year like The Mob Doctor, 666 Park Avenue, or Last Resort.

I think we can all agree that the above list is the REAL reason I don't have a girlfriend, right? Yeah.. But at the same time, watching tv is my hobby. I don't go clubbing, or watch/play sports, or go out drinking till I pass out, etc. What I do is watch TV and movies. This is proof positive. I am a television junkie. However, this is all quality television. And virtually NO reality TV whatsoever! Sorry, but I'm of the firm belief that reality TV sucks, and the only show to prove me wrong is Fear Factor. (I know in an earlier post, I referenced a show called "The Colony" as a reality TV show I'd watch, but I never watched anything past the 1st episode. So that one failed to capture my attention too.)

What do you think, my dear readers? Are any of your favorite shows on my list? Do you think this is too much TV? Sound off in the comments below! (Just don't expect me to answer right away, I'm catching up on my shows!)

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