Monday, July 29, 2013

Life Notes: Current Updates...

I'm sure you've noticed, my dear readers, that there has been a slight change in my profile. Yep, that's right. I am no longer living in Manchester, NH! This past weekend, I took up a friend on her offer of a room in her house and moved down to Lawrence, MA!! Why did I move? Well, there are several reasons. The first is my commute. While living in NH and working in MA seems like a fun idea, having to travel 2.5 hours to work EACH WAY is not a good way to spend your time. I basically had NO LIFE during the week, since by the time I got home, I only had 2 hours to cook dinner and make lunch before I had to get to bed to be up on time for the next day. The second is my health. After my recent health issues, I decided to work on taking my health much more seriously. But with my commute, there wasn't anything I could do. I simply had NO TIME to do anything outside of my routine. Third was to help out friends and family.
The friend I moved in with was having financial issues and having another source of income (namely, ME) would help her and her family out immensely. I also have a lot of family in the area and they are all under the impression that I'm some sort of calming influence and awesome to be around, (I see no proof of this.) so I'll be hanging out with them a bit more. I don't know if that's a pro or con of moving yet. :-)

Despite my initial estimates, the move itself took a remarkably short amount of time. I only had the one room (I was already living with roommates.) so 90% of my stuff (furniture, electronics, etc.) was brought down in 1 trip! The remaining small stuff (clothes, toiletries, etc.) came down on the 2nd and final trip. The bulk of the time was spent with me PURGING all of the extraneous bull malarkey that always seems to accumulate when you live in the same area for a long period of time. Now, I'm just going through all the "new place" issues. Unpacking my stuff, learning where everything is in the new place, and getting to know all the routines of my new roommates. I have a TON more now. There's my friend and her hubby, four kids (who all think I'm awesome), and a cat who seems to like hanging out on my bed. No idea why.

The first night sleeping in the new place was a special kind of weird. I was in my own bed, but in a new place. It sounded different, felt different, but having my stuff gave it a sense of familiarity that made the experience unnerving. Especially waking up in the new room that first time. The other thing that makes it weird is leaving my old place. I lived there for just about a year with my two closest friends. Now, intellectually, I know that there was an understanding that my staying with them was just temporary. I know that. But I can't help feeling like I'm abandoning them. They both dismissed the notion off hand, but getting rid of the sentiment is a bit harder. And while I'll most likely get grief from my friends about feeling this way, I don't really mind having that particular sentiment. The saying goes "All good things must come to an end", and that's true. But just because a good thing ended doesn't mean its effect on you was meaningless or is over. It's okay to miss that good thing as well. The trick is to not get so obsessed with missing the past that you don't focus on the present and forget the future.

That chapter of my life has ended. A new chapter is beginning. And here I am, stuck with writer's block. :-D Until next time, my dear readers. 

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