Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Fall TV 2013 P2

Everyone who knows me knows that my favorite time of year is the Fall. I usually wax poetic about the colors changing and the characteristic weather of the Fall, but there's one thing about this season that usually goes unmentioned: the new shows of the Fall TV season!! Right around this time is where all the major broadcast TV networks debut new shows to the world! Brand new worlds, which the networks hope will light new fires in the minds of their audiences, step out onto the stage and get their chance to shine! Now this year, I'm going a step back and sharing with you the shows I'm interested in BEFORE they air! Here is Part 2 of the NEW shows I'm looking forward to this fall season!

Originals, The (10/03 @ 9pm on CW) - Despite my better judgement, I became a fan of the Vampire Diaries. And now they have decided to pull off an ACTUAL spin-off show to follow the adventures of Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah, the last living Original vampires in New Orleans; a city they built!

Tomorrow People, The (10/09 @ 9pm on CW) - The concept of this show appeals to me. It's very X-Men/Heroes, which I think is cool. But to be honest, there's only ONE reason I'm watching this show: the main villain of the show is played by none other than Mark Pellegrino. Check him out:

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland (10/10 @ 8pm on ABC) - I had to admit that I had my reservations about Once Upon A Time. But the creators of the show did an AMAZING job fuzing all the different fairy tales (and a couple of other bits of literature) into one cohesive narrative. When I heard they were going to do a show completely in Alice's Wonderland, I was confused but excited. It turns out that this is NOT the same Wonderland in the OUAT show and NOT the same Alice. But this show looks to be nothing short of... Wondrous. (I couldn't help it. Sorry. )

Dracula (10/25 @ 10pm on NBC) - When done right, Dracula is still the most intriguing, mystifying, and badass vampire ever invented. This re-interpretation still takes place in Victorian era England, but the details of the story have changed. I'm also GREATLY looking forward to Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula. I've always thought he would make a great vampire and now he gets his chance.

Almost Human (11/04 @ 8pm on FOX) - This was a show that a friend of mine brought to my attention. It's an interesting mix of Asimov's I, Robot and police procedural. And it has two of my favorite actors working together! Karl Urban as a mean, disgruntled cop. And we all know, no one does mean and disgruntled like Karl Urban. Check out Dredd if you want proof. And working with Urban as his partner is Michael Ealy. I never would have thought of casting these two together, but it works REALLY well!

Now, this really isn't a top whatever list, but there is an honorable mention. It's a show called Hostages (09/23 @ 10pm on CBS). It's an interesting take on the whole "medical drama" but I'm not really sure how long the show can run. There's only so long people at a hospital can be held hostage, right? Well, in any case, there you go. That completes the list of new fall shows that I'm interested in watching this year.

But there is ONE more show I want to bring to your attention. It's looking more like a mid season replacement (so it won't air until sometime around Jan-Feb 2014), but it's still a really interesting concept. It's called Intelligence (CBS) and it's basically the "6 Million Dollar Man" for the 21st century.

Okay, now I'm really done. That is all the shows I'm interested in for this fall/winter season. They all look really interesting and I can see them going on for several years. I can also see them getting canceled because people are too interested in watching crap like Teen Mom 3 to get into quality television. So, I'm worried about getting invested in these shows, but they all look like they are worth it. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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