Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reflections Video Episode 02

Now that my series has been picked up by the networks, it's time for me to make the SECOND episode! Especially now that I'm not bone tired and have actual content to discuss! WOO HOO!! Check it out!

So, talk to me people! Do you like these videos? Do you have any questions you want me to answer? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This was a much improved attempt--BRAVO!!

    And, awww ... both kids are supes adorbs, and you better show more of them in the future. Trust me on this. Danielis is so photogenic and is a star in front of the camera, btw. She's going places, mark my words! :)

    Keep it up the good work, man. Oh, and what is the name of the software you're demoing?

    1. Thank you, David. For BOTH of your comments. I greatly appreciate it. And yeah, I know Danielis is going places. I can see it now. Me, lying on the street, living out of a cardboard box looking up at a holographic billboard of Danielis in her latest project.

      The software I'm using for this is called Camtasia. It's a really fun editing tool, and makes some complex stuff really easy to do!