Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trying Something New...

As the agents of Necessity would have it, I found a new place to live. This has inspired me to take a look at the things I do, and come up with some new ones. Inspired by my colleague's wife, g3ekm0m, I decided to try my hand at video blogging. So here it is, Lord help us all..

So, there you go. That was my first video. Please be kind. Sound off in the comments below, tell me what you thought of it!


  1. Good vlog, considering it's your first. Haven't heard your voice in years so assuming for many, it's the 1st time they will do so. Hmm! A debating writer with no words to say?? Guess I will have to wait for vlog 2. :)

  2. Not bad! Good start, Rodney.

    Lord, help us all indeed! :)

    Why didn't you tell us what you thought of both movies? Seems like that would have given you plenty to say.