Friday, March 12, 2010


A long time ago, Charles Darwin came up with the idea of evolution. He saw that, over time, creatures of all kinds grow & change to suit their environments. Those creatures that stop changing eventually die off, so he rightly concluded that the key to any species' survival is its ability to adapt to its changing environment. While at the time Darwin received a great deal of ridicule on the subject, humanity has come to see the truth in Darwin's statemetns and to marvel at how universally POWERFUL his conclusions are. Today, I marvel at how much a person can adapt to their ever changing surroundings.

I've been employed at Single Digits for a little over a month now, and I'm surprised at the fact that I've grown so accustomed to circumstances which I find so intolerable. I don't have a car, yet through rides from buses, cabs, and my sister I've been able to make it to work on time (actually an hour or so early) to each and every shift. In the beginning, I was completely terrified about having to take calls all day and potentially doing something terribly wrong and destroying either a customer's machine or a hotel's network. (I know how dangerous having just a little information can be.) Now, it's becoming routine and almost boring. Yesterday, the application used to monitor the networks and document incoming calls went down for the SECOND time since I started. The first time served to enhance my fears exponentially, but yesterday all I felt was anger & frustration that the tool I use to do my job wasn't available.

I hadn't realized exactly how accustomed to this place I've become until after my shift last night. This place isn't my ideal job in ANY way and I dream of the day when I get back to writing code for a living again, but I can deal with it. Things will be a bit more of a struggle, but WELL within my levels of tolerance. I hope that someday soon I'll be able to get out of here be a software developer, but I've adapted to this place, and I'll be able to survive here. And I find THAT most amazing of all.


  1. You're a survivor!

    *starts humming to that TLC song*

  2. Wasn't that tune by Destiny's Child??

  3. Oops, I meant Destiny's Child! I have no idea why I was thinking TLC.

    But yeah, now the joke's all ruined. Bah!