Sunday, March 14, 2010

The end of Numb3rs??

I wouldn't normally think so, but I'm starting to believe that I tend to watch bizarre television. Most of the shows that do manage to gain my interest are intelligent, detail-oriented shows that consequently don't last very long on tv. Dollhouse, Eyes, Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Shark, Justice, Firefly, Raines, Daybreak, Drive, Brimstone. But enough shows do manage to stay on the air long enough to make watching tv worth it. One of those shows is Numb3rs.

To put it succinctly, Numb3rs is a series about FBI using advanced mathematics to aid in their investigations. The show centers itself around two brothers Don & Charlie Eppes (played by Rob Morrow & David Krumholtz respectively), Don works for the FBI, and Charlie is a genius mathematician at CalSci. Over the course of the show, the two brothers overcome their childhood estrangements, expand and grow into more respectable people, and solve a great many cases using mathematics in exceedingly creative ways.

This past Friday marked the end of the sixth season of Numb3rs. Rumors among those in the tv industry say that this is most likely the end of the series, given the drop in ratings this year and the fact that CBS cut their episode order from 22 to 16 for this season. The end of this season, while in no way ending the show with any kind of finality, felt like the end of the series. Characters started planning to move on to other things, the FBI team that had become such a cohesive crime solving machine lost some of its parts, and the events lead the viewer to think that this is where these people's lives diverge away from us. The producers of the show aimed to make this a satisfying finale for the series if they don't get picked up for next year, and they succeeded. They ended the show in the only logical way for the characters. Life goes on. Things keep happening, there's always a tomorrow.

Now, there is no official indication that Numb3rs is over. CBS says Numb3rs is in strong contention for a 7th season, and I hope the show gets the green light for another season. But, it just feels like it's over. And I'm saddened to see it go.

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