Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A true "Oh Crap" moment....

I have half a mind to turn in my "Movie Buff" membership card. I can't believe I made the mistake of forgetting about a movie I was so interested in seeing when I first heard it was being made. The movie I'm talking about is Predators. Robert Rodriguez is taking a stab at the Predators franchise. Given some of the movies he has under his belt (Planet Terror, Sin City, Desparado), I truly think he can bring the Predator film series back to it's rightful status of FUCKING AWESOME!!!

Now about the title of this particular blog post. Every predator fan out there knows the shock of terror and glee when those tell tale three red dots appear on someone. Once you see them, you know that person's dead. And you're glad it's not you!!

In the trailer for the new Predators, Robert Rodriguez gives us a classic "OH SHIT" moment, where Adrien Brody doesn't have one set or two or three.... Check out the trailer below. Look for the "Oh Shit" moment at the 1:30 mark...

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