Monday, October 4, 2010

My recent postings

It's been commented in previous posts, and by some of my friends, that my posting recently has been laser focused on movies and TV. At first, I didn't believe them, but then I actually went back and checked and it turns out they're right.

Now, I do have to admit that Movies & TV take up a more than normal share of my life, since that is my default pass time and a major passion of mine. But I started this blog to express my feelings and to place my deliberations on a public forum to be commented upon and argued. But also to extract all the thoughts buzzing in my brain and give myself room to create NEW thoughts. Or at the very least, examine my old thoughts from new perspectives.

So, from now on, I shall endeavor to touch upon more diverse subject matter. There will still be a great deal of tv & movies, but I'll spread them out more evenly. Case in point, this post and my last one!

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