Monday, October 4, 2010

This time of year...

Once I put some thought into it, I realized that October is my favorite month of the year. By this time, Fall is in full swing and the trees are changing into a dazzling palate of colors. Women are still wearing form revealing clothing, but no longer to the extent that it's mind numbingly distractive. Restraint has once again become the order of the day, cause a halter top doesn't give much protection against the bite of that cold October wind.

And the rest of the country seems to join me in the celebration of the coming of what has been known to be the height of the power of darkness: All Hallow's Eve. Known to the rest of the world as my favorite "holiday" of the year: Halloween. It brings a smile to my lips, puts a bounce to my step and a song in my heart to see all the little nods to evil Jack-O-Lanterns, images of cackling witches riding their brooms as they contemplate the wickedness they will bring.

For Halloween, it seems like the whole world steps through the looking glass and sees things in the way that I do all the time. Demonic omens in the rush of wind playing with the carcasses of fallen leaves, flashes of evil in the eyes of your loved ones, and whispers of madness settling noises of your familiar home!

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!! Too bad that come November 1st, it's all over.

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