Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Lady of Wonder Returns...

When talking about DC comics, the two characters that get the most publicity and attention are, of course, Superman and Batman, in that order. There is a third flagship character in the DC universe, who came in and broke up the DC boy's club. I'm talking about Wonder Woman. For the past 70 years, Wonder Woman's been kicking butt and taking names right alongside Bats and the Boyscout and looking good doing it. Yet, for all her fame and huge fanbase, Wonder Woman has been somewhat ignored outside of comics.

Recently, she was brought to media attention when DC decided to modernize her look a bit and step away from Wonder Woman's trademark bustier and star spangled underwear. DC got a huge amount of heat for that, but personally I like the new look. Didn't like the changes to her storyline, but the new look is good.

Last week, the Lady of Wonder made it back into the limelight as the creator of Boston Legal, David E. Kelley, finally got a network to bite on his pilot script for a re-launch of a Wonder Woman television show. At first, the pilot was passed on, but with Kelley's new series Harry's Law giving NBC one of their best audiences for a Monday in a year, they decided to give Wonder Woman a shot.

Today, it's rumored that "Terminator:Salvation" director McG is going to be helming the pilot. While not doing well on the big screen, McG has developed a strong presence on the small screen, serving as executive producer on "Human Target", "Supernatural", "Nikita" and "chuck". And while speculation is still running wild as to who will play the Lady of Wonder. I have my own personal list of favorites!! This list takes into account that in this version of the show, Wonder woman is a vigilante crime fighter in L.A. who is also a successful corporate executive (a.k.a Diana Prince).

 5) Shannon Doherty - Yes, I know she has a bad rep. But, she has a long career in television and I believe she has the capacity to play both sides of the role.

4) Serinda Swan - She is a relative new comer to the television, but she has built up a huge fan base with her portrayal of Zatanna on Smallville. So she's already in the DC universe, and it's possible that her fans will come with her if she is "promoted" to Wonder Woman status.

 3) Valerie Cruz - She has a proven track record in television being on shows like Nip/Tuck, The Dresden Files, Dexter, and True Blood. Yes, she is currently starring in Off The Map, but she would be MUCH better suited as Wonder Woman.

2) Charisma Carpenter - Again, long career in television, and with her appearances on shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, she has proven herself no stranger to action based shows.

1) Sienna Guillory - I have to admit, I did not consider her in my initial list of actresses for the role. But in arguing my list with some of my friends, her name came up and she quickly became my favorite. Here is a clip of her in Resident Evil: Apocalypse to show you why:

Odds are none of these women will get the part, but wouldn't it be AWESOME if they did?? Who would you cast as Wonder Woman?

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  1. They picked the worst girl to play Diana. Wonder Woman is a goddess for goodness sake and the girl they have just isn't attractive. It should have been Serinda.