Friday, January 7, 2011

Television Blues...

In a previous posting, I mentioned that I love this time of year because all my shows return after their winter breaks, but I find that this January, I don't have the same level of excitement as I've had previously. It took me a little while, but I finally figured out why. This is my first January in 8 years with no 24. I've gotten used to looking forward to January for the Two Night, Four hour premiere of 24. Even the commercials were awesome, and then on the Sunday night of the premiere hearing the announcer (most likely Don LaFontaine) say the words I've been waiting for:

"The new season of 24 starts... RIGHT NOW!"

It was a truly epic moment for me. And what's worse is that I don't have a ready replacement. There just aren't any shows on tv with that same high octane, indomitable energy of 24. While that's the biggest source of my blues, there is another thing I'm missing.

There was a time when all the shows came back within a couple of weeks. If you had 6 shows you watched, 3 would come back on one week and the next week the other three were back. You heard tons of announcements of "premiere week" and other such nonsense, but now everything comes back in drips and dribbles. One show comes back then it's another 2 weeks before another show comes back and so on. I miss that sudden revving up of the television schedule as all the shows come back raring to go and pull you back into action, suspense, melodrama, or whatever.

It's almost like the networks are tired of doing this stuff and are burning out. Given some of the concepts of upcoming shows, I can see their point.

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