Monday, March 21, 2011

Gremlin Attack!!

Back in the day, mechanics wholeheartedly believed that there were little creatures whose pride and joy in life was to get into machines and break them. There were two kinds, the wise ass mischievous ones that cause small annoying issues and the mean mofo's that just destroy machines. Last night, a couple of wise ass ones hit my dear Bianca.

I was getting ready to drive my sister and mom back home after spending the day hanging out together like most Sundays. I get in the car, turn it on and put it reverse. I let go of the brake and start turning the steering wheel like I've done hundreds of times since I've been at my new place. This time, the wheel doesn't move. It's locked in place!!

Come to find out, the little buggers popped off the line that goes from the power steering pump to the engine! How? Well, I'm glad you asked. See, they swelled up the line itself and deformed the metal crimp that is supposed to hold it in place. The line then just popped out and all the power steering fluid in the car leaked out on to the ground. It turns out that the steering wheel wasn't locked in place, it just required the strength of a T-800 to move the wheel. I was impressed that I got it to turn 1/8th of the way. Not that it was enough to get the tires to move, but I had an effect! A testament to the true power of humanity!!

Or not... Anyways..

Thanks to my landlord, who has smaller arms and could actually REACH the damned fluid line (stupid car engine design), we were able to partially attach the line. Given the EXCELLENT timing of the gremlins (bastards, wait till I get them!), I had to wait till this morning to get the line completely fixed, by an actual mechanic no less! This is also where I found the apparent cause of the issue as well. I was able to arrange for the safe return of my family to their homes, but to be safe, I'm getting the line replaced this Friday. I may gripe a lot about wanting a Durango, but no one messes with Bianca! NO ONE!!!


  1. Reminds of this one time I drove my uncle's manual steering Mercedes way back in the day. I had to wrestle the wheel like Hulk Hogan, but once the car got moving it wasn't so bad. This was back before power steering was standard, so I guess I just didn't know any better. Were I to try it today, after being so accustomed to PS, I would probably crash.

    Glad you're able to get it fixed. Because that truly sucks, man.

  2. Thanks, David.

    Unfortunately for me, I couldn't build up enough momentum to drive the car since I have to make two turns just to leave my parking lot!

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