Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Ain't No Place For A Hero...

For those of you who don't know, one of the greatest superhero games ever released (Batman: Arkham Asylum) is getting a sequel: Arkham City. The first game covered the events that happened when the Joker broke out of custody and took over Gotham City's most notorious mental health facility, Arkham Asylum. Batman, already on the grounds since he's the one who brought the Joker to the asylum, immediately takes steps to deal with the issue.

The sequel takes place a year after the events of the first game. The former warden of Arkham Asylum, Quincy Sharp, took credit for the defeat of the Joker and parlayed that credit to get elected as mayor of Gotham City. Sharp then initiates a plan to wall off the slums of Gotham and dumps all the inmates of Arkham & Blackgate prison into the newly created Arkham City. In this new region, the inmates can do whatever they want, so long as they don't try to escape. To run Arkham City, Sharp appoints the psychiatrist Hugo Strange, who seems to have his own agenda, according to the trailer.

Bats, of course, keeps an eye on the place knowing that eventually hell is going to break loose. Which happens when Two-Face, newly arrived to Arkham City and looking to gain clout, decides to kidnap and publicly execute Catwoman. Batman enters Arkham City to stop the execution, which is (presumably) where the game starts.

Today, video game developer Rocksteady Studios released THE FIRST actual game play trailer for Batman: Arkham City on IGN!! I've been DYING to see this ever since I saw the full trailer for the game. Seeing this trailer, made me put in my pre-order within mere SECONDS of finishing it. Check it out:

Rocksteady claimed that Arkham City was going to take what was good about the first game and expand on it, and seeing this trailer, they have done an EXCELLENT job! You have more areas to explore, more abilities and gadgets, and rumor has it that they are adding even more Easter eggs through the game! I can't wait to get this!!!

My good friend, David, has been virtually orgasmic about this new show coming to HBO called Game of Thrones, based on one his favorite series of books. While I'm not at his level of enthusiasm (I haven't read the books.), I do find the show appealing. Normally, I would be making fun of his excitement, since he's normally a very stoic person. But, in this case, I can't. Because, I know EXACTLY how he feels, because I feel the same way... about Batman: Arkham City!


  1. Yes, I'm just as excited for this game as you are. Maybe even moreso, seeing as how I played the first game when it first came out and even went to all the trouble of collecting all the Riddler clues, revealed who the Spirit of Arkham really is -- and even found Quincy Sharp's secret office with the plans for Arkham City in them! Turns out he had this all planned out ahead of time.

    So, yeah, I've had a very long time to let that game stew and get me excited for the sequel. However, unlike you, I never pre-order games this far in advance. But only because I have all the current consoles and like to wait until I hear word about which version of the game will have the better visuals/framerate and extras. With Arkham Asylum, the winner in that regard was the PS3 version. But if the 360 version of the sequel gets the cool exclusive this time around, then I might just have to purchase that one instead. Won't really know until around August or September, I think.

    But, yeah, I suspect we'll both be playing this on day one! :)

  2. Yes, I was also compelled to get all the Riddler challenges. It took me awhile to find that last Spirit of Arkham clue though... I had to be told about the secret office, and it took me a half hour of bombing walls to find it.

    See, that's the beauty of only having one system. No guesswork about graphics quality. I'm looking forward to all the side goodies in Arkham City!!