Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Medical Position...

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything on the blog, and for that, I’m sorry. The reason is that I haven’t had the time to formulate any real thoughts. I’ve been entirely preoccupied with my weight issues and the obstacles the real world has placed in front of me to overcome.

Firstly, I’m back at my original weight, prior to the Gall Stone Incident, of 500lbs. The last time I weighed myself pre GSI, I was at 506lbs. After four days of the I.V. fluids only diet (which I do NOT recommend to anyone) I had lost 32lbs to weigh in at 474lbs!! I knew I was going to go back up a little after going back to solid foods, but I thought I might be able to hold on to at least SOME of that progress. My first full day out of the hospital, I was up to 477. A couple days later, I went up to 484lbs. Then it was 487… 491… 494.

Today, I went to a precursor doctor’s appointment for the medically supervised diet program. They weighed me and I clocked in at 500lbs. Thanks to years of training, I was able to hide my anger at regaining ALL of the weight back. My friend, David, who went through something similar weight wise though on a slightly different scale, played the role of experience & expertise and tried warning me that this was going to happen. And while I took the warning to heart, I kept hoping (damn that bitch, Pandora!!) that I could hold the line at the 494.

So now, a couple of weeks out of the hospital, I’m back up to 500lbs. After calming down and restarting MY normal level of thinking, I should be proud that it took me about a week to put back that last 6 pounds as opposed to the 4 days it took me to go from 477 to 494. I should also be glad that it was only 6 lbs and not the 12 that would have put me at 506 again! So there is a slight silver lining here. And the fact that I can see it, or that I even LOOKED for it, is a sign of major progress in another area of my life: my battle against negativity. I’m being more positive! They must be skiing like crazy in hell.
To wrap this up, here’s an interesting anecdote from my doctor visit today: One of the reasons my surgeon didn’t want to do the surgery was because at a certain point, they were going to have to tilt the table upward and there was a risk of the table tipping completely over due to my weight. Today, as I was getting off that bed/chair that every doctor’s office seems to love having their patients sit on, I had my entire weight (all 500lbs) on the step that you’re supposed to rest your feet on and the thing actually lifted off the floor on the other end!! That was a very unnerving moment for me. But I give credit where credit is due. Good call on postponing the surgery, Doc!! Good call!!


  1. i like this one. lol i keep telling u to be more positive so yay!sorry bout the scary moment but it made u realize that (in this particular case) the doc was right....
    and rodney?

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!