Friday, December 20, 2013

Hope For The Future...

Those who know me know that the end of year holiday season isn't the greatest time of year for me. I'm not going to go into why, the point is I'm not a fan of this time of year and this is just the beginning of my unease, because I get a relapse in Feb with the whole Valentine's Day bit. Well, normally that's the case. But for the year 2014, I have hope! Yes, I do. Not for the Christmas season to come, but for the overly commercialized "love season" that surrounds National Single's Awareness Day, Feb 14th. And now, my dear readers, you are asking yourselves, why? What is it that gives me hope for next year's Valentine Day? There are three things that give me hope to survive the next Season of Love without going on a rampaging murdering spree.

Third: My favorite political thriller, House of Cards (airing on Netflix), releases it's second season on Feb 14th!! That's right folks!! While most of the country is buying overpriced roses and making other attempts to make up for a year's worth of lackluster relationship performance, I'll be watching the political machinations of Frank Underwood (produced by David Fincher, the man who gave us Fight Club), making a bid for the presidency! Here check out the trailer for season 2!

Why is this good V Day material? Because there is no love more true, mure pure than the love of power!

Second: You all know that I'm more fascinated with villains than heroes. And one of my all time favorite villains makes his return to TV on Feb 28th! Who is this? Why, my main man himself: the psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lector!

That's right! Hannibal The Cannibal is BACK!! Get out the fine china! Dust off your wine glasses, cleanse your palates! Prepare yourself to join our favorite doctor and chef in eating the rude! Hope you're hungry!

And coming in at Number 1: My favorite video game company is releasing the sequel to one of my favorite video game reboots of all time.

The company: Konami

The game: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

For those of you that don't know, check out this trailer and you'll see the awesomeness of this epic excursion:

Still not convinced? Or do you just want to see more? Indulge yourself with this newer trailer:

For he is the dragon, Drakul! And you will know his VENGEANCE!!

If this keeps up, February might just become my favorite month of the year!!

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  1., sorry to say but ... ah, I have no interest in any of these things! You already know where I stand on this Castlevania reboot nonsense, especially. That trailer actually looks and sounds terrible to someone like me who's not in on the appeal. I mean, wow dude!