Tuesday, May 25, 2010

24 Moments of 24

Once a show ends, I tend to go over the entirety of the show and create a mental catalog of my favorite moments of the show. It's not really an exhaustive list, but it's an outline to make it easier for me to reference the rest of the great moments of the show.

One of my favorite shows ended this past Monday, and as long standing tradition dictates, I've created my list. Here are some of the BEST moments of 24. The funny part is, there's twenty-four of them!!

Season 1:

- When Jack Bauer meets Sen. David Palmer for the first time.
That first conversation set the tone for their entire relationship. They had a bit of bluster as they cleared up any misunderstandings and then got to work!

- The moment when Palmer realizes that his assistant is trying to entrap him by sleeping with him and he turns her down... and fires her.
It was such an awesome moment. Not only is Palmer an honorable man, but he doesn't forgive betrayals easily. This was when Palmer earned my respect and loyalty.

- Nina shooting Terri Bauer.
This was just amazing. The show had already distinguished itself from other action shows by this point, but I was expecting a stand off or Jack being able to save her. When she was shot and killed, my jaw hit the floor. Right then, 24 became the bad ass show that could go anywhere and do anything.

Season 2:
- The look on Jack's face when he hears the White House rep leaving him a message.
You know why Jack isn't answering CTU's calls. He's just not interested in dealing with their crap in trying to get him back. But Jack loves his country, and he personally respects David Palmer. When he hears the rep's voice on the machine,
there's this moment where you could just SEE him thinking, "FUCK, I have to answer this!"

- "I need a hacksaw!"
This scene just totally reminded people just what Jack is capable of. Shooting the witness was bad ass enough. I actually didn't hear this line the first time I saw the ep, cause I was spluttering in shock. But this line just takes it to the NEXT level. Jack goes beyond bad ass at this point.

- David Palmer's speech to the group trying to invoke the 25th amendment.
This speech is just amazing. It truly showcased all the strengths David Palmer had and showed you WHY he was the President of the United States.

- Jack's first foray into politics: Shutting Sherry up with a bullet to the wall.
This was just fucking great! For all the manipulating Sherry worked during her bit on the show, it was awesome to her get shut down so fast. She didn't even finish her first sentence before Jack pulled the trigger.

Season 3:

- Tony's return to leading CTU after getting shot in the neck. IN THE NECK people.
Given the real-time nature of the show, when Tony got shot in the neck I thought he'd be down for a good portion of the season, if not the rest of the season. No one was more surprised than me when less than 3 eps later, Tony was BACK running CTU.

- The death of Nina Myers
I'm sorry, but bitch had it coming. That's all I have to say.

- Michelle's object lesson at the hotel.
I never ever questioned Michelle's dedication to her job. But, I never realized how COLD she could be. It was the right decision, since she couldn't let the guy leave. But it was awesome to see her pull the trigger. No muss, no fuss.

Season 4:

- Jack breaking a witness in under 20 seconds.
This was just funny. CTU was getting nowhere. Jack walks in, 20 seconds later, they got their info. Tell me what I want to know. *silence* *shoot knee out* Secretary of Defense!!

- "The only man I can trust" The return of Tony!!
Who does Jack reach out to, in his moment of need? The only character bad ass enough to take the reigns if Jack Bauer left the show: Tony Almeida!

- Jack, the lamp, and the impromptu torture of Paul Raines, IN FRONT of his current girlfriend, Audrey. Paul's ex-wife.
This was just an awesome moment. Jack will do WHATEVER is necessary to protect his country. Even torpedo his romantic relationships. Jack is right, you can't do this job right and have normal relationships.

Season 5:

- Jack's infiltration of Wayne Palmer's penthouse.
Over 50 agents all in ONE spot, ALL looking for Jack, and he slides through them like a hot knife through butter.

- Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce calling President Logan, "Charles".
For the past seasons of the show, Aaron Pierce was a kind, respectful agent. Loyal to the office of the President. And by the book. How does Logan pay him back? By having him tortured. Then Logan had the balls to try to appeal to Pierce's decency. When Pierce called him "Charles", it was as if he had said "fuck you, you fucking fuckball". It takes a great man to say that with just ONE word.

Season 6:

- Finding out from the Chinese that in his 2 years of imprisonment, Jack NEVER broke.
This was just a powerful moment. Even Jack's ENEMIES give him respect. And it was just an offhand comment.

- President Wayne Palmer!
'Nuff said.

- Jack's return to CTU after seeing the nuke detonate.
Given all the crap Jack has been through, it was perfectly understandable for Jack to just walk away. He'd just been imprisoned & tortured for the better part of 2 years. That alone earns him the right to leave. But, he saw the nuke go off. He knew he couldn't walk away. That's when the terrorists lost.

Season 7:

- Jack's testimony in the Senate hearing.
This was an echo of the crap the media was giving 24 in real life. And Jack's testimony was amazing. Jack does what was necessary at the time. Period. If you don't like his actions, then he'll pay the penalty, but he won't apologize for it.

- The return of Tony Almeida.
Me & Jack were on the same page on this. I did not believe that Tony was alive. Then I rewatched the scene in season 5, and actually listened to Renee's explanation. And it hit me... it was possible.

- The death of Buchanan. While a horrible loss, it was an awesome moment.
This moment killed me. Buchanan proved himself to be a solid man, honest, loyal, and someone who gets stuff done for his people. His sacrifice for Jack was a true Noble Act. I hated that it was needed, but the ex-CTU agents do what's necessary.

Season 8:

- Renee's half smile when she finds out Vladimir's team didn't kill Jack.
This was when I knew she was into Jack on a romantic level. It was the slightest moment, but she LIKED that Jack took down the crew. That such a small moment could convey so much was really cool.

- Jack's attack on Ex Pres. Logan's motorcade.
I still love that cry of fear from Logan. "That's JACK BAUER, he's coming to KILL ME!!" It is just so awesome!! SO AWESOME!!!!

- Jack's final conversation with Chloe.
Chloe getting props she rightly deserved. It was a powerful, and moving moment.

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