Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last night's ep of 24

If you haven't watched last night's ep of 24, stop reading this blog RIGHT NOW! Go watch the ep and then read this.

Did you watch it? Good! You're now cleared for the rest of this post!

I remember this scene in season 2 of 24 where Jack Bauer and Shelly Palmer actually meet in person again. Jack talks to her in that no bullshit, all business style of his and she starts to give him some shit about respecting her. In true Jack Bauer style, Jack shuts her up by shooting a bullet into the wall (or floor) beside her and yelling for her to "SIT DOWN!"

After all the shit Shelly had put people through in the first two seasons of 24, she deserved it and that scene was one I thought Jack would NEVER top.

Then came Charles Logan. That ass has been causing Jack Bauer issues from when he was first introduced as the United States VP in season 4, straight through until NOW in season 8. Slimy, manipulative and corrosive, Logan just becomes more and more like political DEMON with every appearance he had on the show.

And some of my favorite scenes have been at his expense, starting with Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce's verbally stripping him of his title and just calling him "Charles".

But NOTHING beats this last episode of 24, when Jack, in a uniform which included a mask that made me thank God Jason Voorhees wasn't a military brat goes after Ex-Pres Logan. I was RELISHING the fear on Logan's face as he yelled, "Th- th- that's JACK BAUER! He's coming to KILL ME!!"

And to make it even better, Jack's interrogation of Logan was PRICELESS!! PRICELESS!! I couldn't stop laughing, it felt so good to see Logan finally get some of what's coming to him. The pure terror in his eyes when Jack put the gun to his throat was AWESOME!! But, I have to give credit where credit is due. Despite all the completely justified fear Jack inspired in Logan, the slimy politician kept enough of a presence of mind to immediately shield the involvement of the Russian President. Despite my fervent hopes that he wasn't involved.

After all, I like Russia. They have Vodka, a great and rich cultural heritage, and some of the most GORGEOUS WOMEN on the planet. But, there's not going to be much left after Jack is done... I'm gonna miss Russia.

Speaking of Russia, I found it really interesting that the ep didn't show anything except for the opening moves of what happened at the Russian Embassy. Not even the producers of 24 themselves were cleared to know exactly what happened! But, you don't really have to see it to know. When Jack put away the shotgun and pulled out his trusty handgun, for the guards, just plain GUARDS mind you, at the elevator, any fan of 24 knew it was all over but the dying. There are few people that are more dangerous armed with a handgun, than with a shotgun. Jack Bauer is one of these people. After it was all over, I knew the Russians would be needing a new diplomatic delegation to the US.

And while the events that occured in the embassy will probably never come to light, the pole through Novacovich was a clear & POINTED statement: NO ONE crosses Jack Bauer and lives.

And as we're about to find out, that "no one" includes soon-to-be dead Russian Presidents.

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  1. That was one of my favorite scenes EVAR! Body armor protects your torso from bullets. But ever wonder what protects your head? Well, how about a bullet-proof hockey mask? YEAH!!!