Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hidden Treasure: Poetry

One of my many talents (as showcased by this blog) is writing. My preference has always been writing prose. For some reason, it just seems like the proper way to write. In my mind, it just makes more sense. That being said, it doesn't mean that I haven't tried my hand at poetry. In fact, I just found a file with a bunch of poems that I have written. Here's one of the better ones:

A Rose Uplifted

I wait for one, a rose uplifted
Expecting one’s journey is properly swifted
A gift yet to be opened
Words yet to be penned
Treasure waiting to be found

I stand dark waiting for light
Food waiting for mouth’s bite
In valley biding time
Until journey’s climb
Music holding for sound

I wish up “Away”, for clouds drifted
And I wait, for one, a rose uplifted


1 comment:

  1. Pretty nice poem there. I, personally, am not a big fan of the art. I used to write poetry (badly) in high school, but just the typical teenage angst crap. Got over that phase in a hurry.

    No, for me prose is where it's at. Although I can appreciate really good poetry when I read it.