Thursday, May 27, 2010

Season Finales

This is the time where all my show say good-bye. For some, it's forever. Others, just for the summer. I've made several posts about some shows, but those aren't the only shows I watch. Here are my thoughts on some of the lower profile shows I watch.

- Bones
The finale of this season felt like any other ep, with a couple of extra scenes of people leaving. There were only two questions raised by this finale: Will they come back? Will it be after a full year? Not really urgent questions. This finale left me feeling... eh.

- Vampire Diaries
To be completely honest, this finale was just a sudden stop. There wasn't a slow build up of the stakes on the show (pun intended!) or anything. It was the same old stuff, quick manipulations, short term gambits, the reveal of Katherine, Elena comes home and end. The only I could think was "Wait, what? That's it?" It kind of felt like Wile E. Coyote after he runs off a cliff, just when he realizes the ground is no longer under him. Given some of the high quality finales I've seen, Vampire Diaries left much to be desired.

- Big Bang Theory
I'm of the firm belief that a sitcom's main goal is to make you laugh. Big Bang Theory has never failed in that. With this finale they are in RARE form. By the end of the episode, I was laughing so hard, I could barely breathe!! I'd heard rumors that they were going to find a date for Sheldon, but I never thought it would work so well. They actually created a female Sheldon!! But as funny as that was, the best moment came from Howard, when he realized Sheldon & his date were hitting it off.

"My God what have we done?"

What would make this even better if they bring about the female versions of Howard, Raj, and Leonard as the friends Amy puts up with. There's so much comedy to be found there, it could fuel the ENTIRETY of season four.

- How I Met Your Mother
This show always walks a careful balance between overly sappy & over-the-top humor. This finale was just more of the same. It was good and fun to watch, but I miss the style of the first two seasons where I couldn't wait to watch the next ep and laugh. I find myself wanting Ted to finally find the mother of his children, so the show can go into new ground and be funny again.

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