Friday, February 4, 2011

Catching Up on The B.A.U...

I was sitting at the lunch table with my co-workers one day talking about tv shows. We all go around talking about our favorites. There is a disturbing amount of reality tv discussed and I tune that out. Until one of them mentions a different type of show. One that I had intended on watching when it started, but for some reason, completely forgot about. That show is Criminal Minds.

For those of you that don't know, Criminal Minds is about the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI and their goal of hunting down serial killers. Unlike other police procedurals, this show solely about getting into the mind of the killers. Understanding their delusions, figuring out why they pick the victims they do, how they take their victims, etc..

And this show is excessively addictive! In the past two weeks, I've watched the first 3 seasons, and I STILL can't get enough of the show. And despite what you may think, dear Readers, it's not just about the serial killers. The team itself is also very interesting. My personal favorite team member is the leader, or Unit Chief, Aaron Hotchner. For the first few eps, he comes across as a cold, emotionless bastard. But after a little while, you find out that Hotch isn't without feelings, but he holds them in check so well that it lends him an intensity. And he gets more intense as the series progresses.

I would say this show is like a weekly dose of Silence of The Lambs or Se7en! I still have a couple of seasons to go through to catch up with the currently airing episodes, and I can't wait to see how the show evolves. If you're looking for a show to watch, and are into psychological dramas, check out Criminal Minds! No, I'm serious, this show is different from what I normally watch. There isn't much techno-babble and there's a lot more inter-personal development. Seriously, check CM out! You'll thank me!

Oh, and don't worry about the show disappearing anytime soon, they're starting a spin-off series called Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior in a couple of weeks! I've seen the promos for it and it looks really good!!

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