Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Playstation brings new life with the PS Vita!

Well, it's official! Sony's Next-Gen portable gaming system has just been announced!! It's called the PS Vita (the latin term for life!)

Looks sleek and sexy! Here's the quick specs:

-- Dual analog sticks
-- Front & Rear mounted cameras
-- 5 inch OLED touchscreen
-- Multi-Touch Pad (on the back)
-- Sixaxis motion sensor
-- Wi-Fi capable
-- 3G enabled (through AT&T)

The wi-fi only version retails for $249. If you want 3G, the price goes up to $299. Check out this demo video:

Wanna trade in your PSP for this one, don't cha?? Hmm?? Admit it, you know you want one!! Me? I'm going to wait and see how this baby handles before I start drooling for it. Sony has a bit of a bad track record with their V1 machines. But it's still exciting to see!

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  1. Actually, even the usually cynical gaming media towards all things Sony has been pretty hyped about this portable for quite a few months now. The general consensus is that this is a pretty sweet machine, and for a very attractive price as well. The only thing new today is that we have the official name now.

    I'm intrigued to see where this might take Augmented Reality (AR) gaming in the near future. Right now the technology is very niche and unimpressive by gaming standards. But I predict AR is going to be the new shiny trend in years to come. One day, even, it will be an integral part of our every day social interaction. I think gaming will have a role in that integration

    Probably too much to place on the plate of this one machine right now, though. But with GPS, internal gyroscope, touch screen, front and back cameras . . . it's got a very nice leg up on the other portable gaming gadgets out there. A smart developer can paint awesome things on this canvas.