Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life Notes: An Explanation...

In a previous post, I told you, my dear readers, that I had been laid off. After that, my posting dropped severely. There were a few posts here and there, but I had for all intents and purposes, stopped posting.

Life went downhill for me after that. I spent the next few weeks updating my resume, filing for unemployment and trying to survive. I lost internet access which lost me the ability to post on here on a regular basis, as well as overly complicating my job search since I had to hunt down places that offered free wi-fi with the speeds necessary to allow the job hunt sites to work properly.

Then there was the fight with the Unemployment office to get my benefits started. Turns out my previous employer owed me money which held up my benefits for much longer than normal. The irony of that still gets me. I was owed money which prevented me from getting the money I was owed. Got to love bureaucracy. Since then I've been tap dancing on a river of shit... One misstep and I lose everything: car, apt, phone, everything.

Thanks to my friends, I've managed to stave off the ever encroaching depression that seems to be endemic to my situation. Thanks to my sister, I once again have internet access at home and can post on here again. So, my dear readers, if you're so inclined, keep an eye out on this blog again. I will be posting more frequently again. I hope to get back to the double digits for posting in the month of April and to continue that as I move forward from here. And now, on to my next post. 

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