Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thoughts On... My Television Programming

It will come as no surprise to you, but I spend a lot of time watching TV. Frequently, my programming choices come into debate for one reason or another. The most recent debate was a resurgence of a debate that I've been having since the late 90s. It started when I told a friend at college that I was an X-Files fan. As soon I finished saying the words, my friend scoffs at me and says, "You're just watching because of the hot redhead!" He immediately regretted that statement since I reacted by starting a 20 minute diatribe on the ACTUAL reasons why I watched The X-Files.

Recently, my sister asked if there was ever a show I watched that I didn't like but kept watching because of a hot woman in the show. For some reason, my sister couldn't believe or accept my response: I have never watched a show solely because of an attractive female.

When I pick tv shows, it's always about stories. Either I like the story (or elements of the story) of the show, or I like the characters of the show which makes me interested in their story, or I like the way the actors IN the show choose or tell stories. I may have a particular type of story that usually attracts my attention, but it is NEVER about the attractiveness of the people in the show. For crying out loud, I have over, WAY OVER 30 Gigabytes of porn that I can watch where the actresses will take their clothes off with no censorship, or clever shifting movement of the camera to conceal them. Why would I watch a show to see a hot actress that I won't really see all that much of?

Not to mention the fact that Hollywood pretty much RUNS on attractive people. There are very few working actors or actresses that are NOT attractive to some demographic of our population. So, practically EVERYONE on tv is hot. So, if all the people on tv are hot, why would it matter that there are hot women on a given tv show? They are EVERYWHERE!

Now, I do admit that having attractive women on a show is a bonus, especially given my relationship status, but that's all it's ever been, a bonus. Icing on the cake. Eye candy. But nothing else. As soon as I lose interest in a show, I stop watching it. Period. What about you, my dear readers? Do you continue to watch shows because of some hottie??


  1. I wouldn't watch a show just because of a hottie . . . but I have stayed with a show longer than usual because of one (or two). The more recent Knight Rider reboot and 2 Broke Girls come to mind. I ended up dropping the former long before it got cancelled, though, and I'm just barely hanging on with the latter at this point.

    However, unlike you, I can't stand porn. Yes, i said it. I find it far more attractive when a woman only shows just enough, but not ALL the goodies. When I see it all it just seems cheap and gratuitous--and that's not sexy to me. Being suggestive and coy, leaving the rest up to my imagination . . . now that's sexy as hell!

    For this reason, the closest I come to porn is something like late night Cinemax (aka, Skinimax). But even that's a little too overt and crass sometimes.

    1. I just can't do it. 2 Broke Girls is a perfect example. Kat Dennings is one of the hottest women in Hollywood to my eyes. But after watching just ONE ep of that show, I knew I was never going to watch it again. I didn't care enough about anyone in that show.