Monday, October 28, 2013

Movie Marathon Day: Sat Nov 2nd

While I do admit that I miss having a girlfriend, there are certain benefits to not having one. For example, there isn't a girlfriend in the world who would allow me to do what I have planned for this Saturday. See, I've been severely lacking in my movie watching. It's been partly because it's rare that there are this many movies in the theaters that I actually want to go see, but on the whole it's been because life events have gotten in the way. But, that's all over. And so, this Saturday, Nov 2nd, I will move into a movie theater for the day and watch EVERY SINGLE MOVIE on my list that is STILL in theaters. Yes, that's correct. I will be doing a movie marathon just for ME. No one else but ME. So, what movies are on the list? I'm glad you asked! Here, check them out:

Ender's Game - #1 TOP PICK OF THE DAY!!

The Counselor


Escape Plan


Fifth Estate


Yes, I'm going to watch all of them. Yes, I plan on being in the movies all by myself. Yes, I know how that makes me look, but I don't really care. Other guys spend hours and hours on a wide variety of mind-numbingly BORING sports & reality tv shows and people think that's acceptable. Personally, I don't really care, everyone has their own thing, and movies is mine. So, this Saturday is a Movie Marathon day for me! So, those of you that know me personally, don't try to contact me. I will be cut off from the world for the day.

If you want to join me, let me know and we'll hammer out the details.

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  1. I think you need to stop pretending that girlfriends are out to stop men from doing fun things like play video games and engage in movie marathons. A good girlfriend would be right there with you! So long as it's all in moderation, of course. You yourself just admitted that you haven't had much opportunity to go the movies in a while. So this is a very deserved treat, if you ask me. And no woman would have a problem with her man treating himself once in a while to something he likes doing.

    Besides, you know . . . quid pro quo, and all that. :)

    Anyway, this sounds like an epic day in the making. Go forth and have merriment! I'm only interested in Carrie and Ender's Game off that list. But in reality I'll probably only catch Ender's Game.