Friday, October 25, 2013

Movies I'd Like To See: Captain America: Winter Soldier

We all love going to the movies. We all love seeing the screen come alive with great characters, epic story lines, and mind-blowing action. But another thing about going to movies that we love is seeing the trailers for the movies that are on the horizon. Now, in the Information Age, there are TONS of trailers out there, but every once in awhile you get a trailer that really lights you up and sets that fire in your brain. Showcasing the trailers that do that for me is the point of this series of posts called "Movies I Want To See". Today's post is about the trailer for a new movie called "Captain America: Winter Soldier".

In this day and age, people have gotten the point that comics in general, and superhero comics specifically, can tell serious and adult stories. And the movie industry is catching up. While the first Captain America movie went along the heartwarming side, showing why it is that Steve Rodgers is such a well loved person (both in the comics and by the fans), the Winter Soldier storyline is a much darker story. Here, check out the trailer:

The origin of the Winter Soldier is a bit weird, but kind of fun at the same time. Back in the 50s and 60s, when censorship was exceptionally high, the comic companies decided to censor themselves rather than have an outside body come in and censor them, thus creating the "Comics Code". It seems like one of the mandates was to make all the main superheros more "family friendly", a lot of kid side-kick characters were created. Robin and Bucky Barnes being among the most visible. In the 80s when there was a backlash against the "family" views of comics, they tried to "reclaim" the sidekick characters by placing them in much darker stories. For Captain America and Bucky Barnes, that story was the Winter Soldier.

Now the first Capt. America movie changed Bucky's storyline a little bit, so his involvement in the Winter Soldier storyline will be adapted, obviously. But in seeing the trailer, I think they are going to handle it very well. I'm going to enjoy this film just as much as the first one, but I think for entirely different reasons. Now that you've seen the trailer, what do you think, readers? Will you be going in to see Winter Soldier? Sound off in the comments below!


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