Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Game Is On...

I have to ask myself, what is it about the producers of British TV that gives them that sixth sense when picking actors for Sherlock Holmes? It's truly astounding. They haven't missed yet. I found a new tv show this past weekend. It airs on BBC 1, Sundays at 9pm. It's called Sherlock.

The premise of the show is Sherlock Holmes solving cases TODAY. In our time. Check out the trailer:

The actor portraying Holmes is Benedict Cumberbatch, whom we've seen in Atonement & The Other Boleyn Girl. Watching him as Sherlock is truly astounding. He blends the essence of the character with modern day sensibilities effortlessly. And then of course there's Holmes' right hand man.

Dr. Watson is portrayed by Martin Freeman, whom we all know and loved as Arthur Dent in the Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy movie! Watson is a complex character to play as he is witness, sounding board, moral restraint, and comic foil to Holmes. All of it in small subtle beats. Much of Holmes' over the top intensity is grounded by Watson, and Freeman plays it like he was born to it.

My research says that this is a three episode arc, but based on the first ep, I hope to God there's more than that coming. If you can, check it out! You'll have a grand time.

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