Monday, July 19, 2010

Supernatural: The Anime

Two things you should know: 1) I have always been into Supernatural. From the first episode, the show owned me. 2) Ever since I first heard about it, I've been into Japanese anime. Recently, I found out some fantastic news. These two passions of mine will soon be coming together! Warner Bros Studios has announced the release of Supernatural: The Anime!

The animation will be done by one of the greatest animation studios in Japan: MadHouse. This studio has produced some of my favorite animes of all time: Ninja Scroll, Batman: Gotham Night, Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust, Gungrave, Claymore, and Black Lagoon. The creator of the live-action show, Eric Kripke, will also be working on the anime.

It looks like there'll be a 22 episode run which takes place over the first two seasons of the live action show, animating some of the best live action episodes, as well as presenting new adventures, new enemies. The episodes will also filling in back story with prequel episodes & filling time with secondary characters.

The first episodes of the anime should be released in January 2011. In the meantime, check out these character designs. The Winchester brothers look awesome!



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