Monday, August 16, 2010

Another mini milestone

I just checked my blog post counter. I've cleared 100 posts this year! That is so cool. This post will be 101, just like those damned Dalmations that Disney keeps forcing on the world... Give it up! Just let Cruella have them already!! Stop damning them to a lifetime of being tormented by a woman who can't pick what hair color she wants!!!

Anyhoo, this post is going to be something of a life check. You've already read about my new bed frame. I went on the second date with Online Girl. That is her codename. In order to protect her identity from the evil Murphyonic forces out to ruin my life, I have given her this codename. Since people have been hounding me with questions about it, the second date went well. And no, I won't be writing up any other dates. It gives OG too much of an unfair advantage. Why should she be able to read my thoughts on here? She should have to learn to traverse the unruly labyrinth of my mind on her own!! And then there's the privacy issue. While I tend to live my life very publicly, there are some things I'll keep to myself, unless there are major milestones, which have to be made public.

I have other posts to write, so I have to end this one. Adieu, dear readers, parting is such sweet sorrow...

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