Monday, August 23, 2010

Something Must Be Wrong With Me

Recently, a friend of mine turned me on to a new version of an old sci-fi show, called Doctor Who. It's a great show. My friend was right to recommend it. I'll discuss the specifics of the show in a future blog post. The point of this post is something that I realized today.

One of the cast members on the new Doctor Who is a woman named Billie Piper. This woman, in my opinion, is absolutely gorgeous. Great body, fantastic eyes, great lips, awesome smile. Here, check her out:

Beautiful, right? The only thing that would make her hotter is if she had black hair. She was awesome in the first season. In the second season, the producers of the show upped her sex appeal. It was great. I told my friends on FaceBook about how hot I thought she was and they told me about another series she's working on now, called "Secret Diary of A Call Girl". In this series, Billie Piper plays a high class call girl. Here, check out the trailer.

I did some research on the show and found that it was an extremely racy show. So racy it won awards in the UK in the realm of soft core porn. So, I immediately go and download the first two seasons, of course. I'm a man and men are wired a certain way. That download was inevitable.

Then I watched the first episode. There was Ms. Piper, in all her radiant beauty. She darkened her hair. She spent most of that show in some form of underwear. And the sex scenes were great. I should have been in heaven. I should have been ecstatic. I should have just continued devouring episode after episode until I had watched everything ever aired for this show. Instead, I felt nothing. I don't even care enough to watch the next episode.

I was a huge fan of The X-Files. In fact, I still am. When others saw episodes of the show, they commented the only reason I watched was because of Gillian Anderson. After all, she is also really beautiful. I told them flat out, a good looking woman is not enough of a reason for me to watch a series. An episode, maybe, but not a show. And now, with Billie Piper and the "Secret Diary Of A Call Girl", it seems I've proved it.

I swear, there has GOT to be something wrong with me. Why else would I not watch a show where a woman I find gorgeous spends most of her screen time mostly nude and having sex? Why must I focus on things like compelling story lines, interesting characters, intriguing show ideas? Why can't I simply enjoy a beautiful girl walking around naked on tv? Why?

Something MUST be wrong with me.

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