Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Subconscious Nocturnal Deliberations

I'm not someone who usually remembers my dreams. When I do, they tend to be on the weird side. Last night, I actually remembered one of my dreams. It was kind of funky, too. Check it out:

I was standing in front of The Chateau, which is a student dormitory from my college, Middlebury College. But it was different. Normally, it looks like a European structure. But in this dream, it looked like a craftsman version of it. With the dark wood trim and everything. It was a bright, sunny day, and I looked up only to find that the sky was actually the ocean. Thinking that was cool, I tried to lay down on the ground only to find myself not on the ground, but in water. I stand back up and look below me, but all I can see is solid ground, covered in bright green grass and light spotted with flowers.

Then it hits me, I'm dreaming! I say it out loud, and as I do, the grass in front of me starts turning brown and dying. This starts spreading out in tendrils. I jump up into the air, yelling, "No, no no no!" As I'm in the air, I float around so that I can touch the origin spot of the dying grass and I make it live again. The rest of the dead grass is also fixed.

Suddenly, I'm inside of the Chateau, at a bar (which isn't in the real Chateau). And a guy who looks like Artie from Glee was sitting next to me, talking about how I just made a dumb move. I stand up and walk to the door when someone standing on the other side of the door squirts some liquid through a hole in the door. It was such a shocking thing, I woke up.

Now that's bizarre, no? Any ideas as to what any of that could mean?


  1. What you're describing is almost--but not quite--what's called "lucid dreaming". I do it all the time, and have been since my teens. It's a strange and weird art of consciously controlling your dreams. There are people out there that are VERY good at it, and you should hear some of them describe their dreams. Google it if you haven't heard of this phenomenon before.

    I must say that learning to do this on a regular basis while you sleep can greatly enhance your waking cognitive skills. No joke.

  2. WOOOOW!!!! And i thought i had bad dreams!! although i have heard of that so called "phenomenon", i also have a deeper insite to this. Rodney, did you happen to be watching something, any thing, in which someone had been going through a set of hard times and later found that it was all in their heads, or rather what they saw was true just in a different way?? i've had a similar experience, and i noticed that it happend the day after i watched this one movie, which i believe is called The Big Fish, which is about this guy telling his son some stories about his life that are semi-fantasised but have some reality and truth to them. i honesly loved it, but im not sure thats the actual title. i just know that it had "fish" in the name. oh, and another thing about that movie was a supposed set of "siamese" twins, which later you find that they are actually two separate people instead of two people sharing the same body.

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