Monday, August 12, 2013

Medical Update: Unexpected Good news...

This morning I got some unexpected good news from a medical standpoint. It turns out that I'm further along in one of my goals than I had originally thought. See, this past weekend, I had to run a great deal of errands. One of which was going up my old stomping grounds (a.k.a. Manchester, NH) to access my storage area. I was on the hunt for my scale. Now, you might wonder why I would go on a 30 min drive to Manchester to get something I could buy for $20 at my local Wal-Mart. Well, the issue here is, most scales that are regularly available for under $1K can only measure weights up to 300lbs. As you know, my dear readers, that I clock in the 400-500lb range, at the moment. So, regular scales don't really work for me. It took me a few months to find one that could measure up to 550lbs and be able to afford it. Hence the quest to Manchester to get this amazing artifact.

Despite my having to get a lot of other things done (replacing ripped clothing, pay bills, deal with family drama, etc.), I managed to clean up the scale and get fresh batteries in the thing. Today, after my morning shower, I decided to find out how much weight I had lost after the surgery. My pants were fitting a bit looser these days so I knew I had dropped some weight, I just wanted a concrete number. So, I get the scale out and turn it on.

As of today, I have lost a total of 19.2lbs!! More importantly, I've KEPT IT OFF! This is absolutely fantastic news!! And it's been the slimmest (if you can call being 473lbs slim...) I've been in two years!! I'm actually being serious on this. The date of my last major gall stone incident was in June 2011 and I was weighed in at 474lbs. So I beat that weight by 0.2lbs!! YEAH!! Speaking of the past, my career high weight when I was initially diagnosed with gall stones was 506lbs. That marks me down  32.2lbs from my all time high! Here are the stats:

June 10th (Day 1 of my latest hospital stay): 493lbs

June 24th (Day 1 of my return to work): 482lbs 

8/12/2013 (Today): 473.8lbs
**Weight Delta: -19.2lbs**

Career High: 506lbs
Weight Delta: 32.2lbs

In a previous post, I had stated that my weight loss goal for the rest of this year was to lose 50lbs and clock in at 443lbs by my 37th birthday on December 27th. I'm almost halfway there with 4.5 months to go!! I can DO THIS!! So, what do you think, my dear readers? Have you gotten any unexpected good news recently? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. This is truly amazing. It's the best thing I've heard in a long time! You should be SO proud of yourself :)

  2. I hate to burst your bubble a little here, but take it from me: the scale at home is almost always 5 lbs off AT LEAST from the type of scales used in hospitals and doctors' offices. And that's 5 lbs less than reality, not more. So you always have to add on a little more to the results you get at home to find out what you are going to be according to your doc's scales.

    But still, you ARE losing the weight, so that's all that matters! :)

    1. It's been my experience that the medical scales are anywhere from 10-15lbs higher than home scales. But the trick is to weigh yourself with the same scale at the same time every week. That way you can get a reliable weight.

    2. I know all that. Been through it myself. I'm just saying, it can be disappointing the day you DO go to the doctor's office and the scale adds on 5 to 15 pounds when you've been so used to going by the scale at home for weeks. I hate adding on those numbers in my head the day of my appointment. Say, for instance, your doctor tells you to reach 250 by the time of your next visit. And you do reach 250 at home finally ... and you're all psyched about it. And then you go into the doc's office, and the scale says you weigh 265. That can be a real bummer.

  3. David's got a point, but the bigger point is this: if this scale is used regularly, it works to show you changes in weight. Take the good you can, man, and chase it down with more good, another walk, etc. And not all medical scales are accurate or reliable, either. Just pick a scale and stick with it. Also, if you want to be more sure, You can test yours at home with an object regularly -- like a 5lb bag flour type thing. -- MartyAnne

  4. I agree with both Kristina and David. So now that you have your scale, keep track using that scale- making a log will help. Then when you go back to the doc, bring the log. You can then compare .

    Ripped clothing can be repaired or upcycled.

    I am proud of you.


  5. Love you Gogie, Keep at it dude! You'll need the stamina when the nieces and nephews show up ;)

    1. Nieces and nephews?? Are you trying to tell me something, Q?

  6. Thank you all for you encouragement and support. Believe me, I'm going to keep this going for as long as I can pay for it.

    I'm hoping to be at 441 pounds by the end of this year, so I got a long way to go.