Thursday, August 15, 2013

Top 5... Offensive Comedies

Everyone loves to laugh. We may all differ in what we find funny, but we all love to laugh. Me included. One of the things that is as universal to humans as humor is inappropriate or offensive humor. The stuff that we find funny that society says we shouldn't. For example, the eclairs scene in Van Wilder. Yes, it was disgusting and almost vomit worthy, but it was funny! Society says that we shouldn't laugh at things like that, but we all do anyway. We just don't admit it out loud. Except for me, obviously, since I'm posting this on the internet.

But it did get me thinking, out of all the offensive comedies I've seen (mostly thanks to certain friends of mine), which were my favorites? The ones that I'd be down to watch again, or recommend to people in need of a good laugh. And I came up with my top 5. I know you're dying to find out, my dear readers, so without further ado... Here they are!

05) The Hangover - I figured I start with an easy one. Practically EVERYONE has seen or at least heard of this movie. Get drunk and wake up with no idea of what happened the night before and having to deal with the consequences?? Comedy GOLD!!! In fact, it was so much gold, they made another TWO sequels!

 04) Superbad - I found myself identifying more with Michael Cera's character, Evan, but I could not stop laughing at Fogell's (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Can't wait to see him in Kick-Ass 2) antics! If you EVER want a lesson at how to make good on a bad fake I.D., you have to watch this movie!!

03) Movie 43 - This is probably the most offensive movie I have ever seen. It didn't make Number 1 on this list, because the offensive parts got too much in the way of the humor for my taste. But trust me, you're going to want to watch this. And then you're going to curse my name and want to wash your brain out afterwards!

02) Hamlet 2 - Look just because Hamlet died in the first part doesn't mean a sequel can't be made! Or that it can't be a MUSICAL!  This is the completely fictional story of the man, the genius, the LEGEND that gave us the epic sequel to Hamlet and how he made it come to pass!

01) The Ten - Ten short stories, each one covering one of the 10 commandments. And this is supposed to be funny?? There is no way this could possibly work! And then I watched the movie. And it did!

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