Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's Finally Over...

Well, it's the 29th of December and I'm still here. I made it through Christmas and my birthday with my sanity relatively intact. This is an interesting turn of events. I never thought I'd make it.

Christmas is and always shall be something of a non-event for me. In fact, if it wasn't for the other people in my family, I wouldn't do anything for Christmas at all. Just enjoy the day off from work and then muddle on. This year I got closer to that than ever before. There were no decorations in my house, no carols, no tree. My family all crowded into my apartment, so I had to get gifts. Remarkably enough, I was even put in the position of fixing someone's Christmas, so they'd have a better one. Can you believe it? ME, fixing Christmas for someone?? ME?? I mean ME?? I'm still astounded by it.

I didn't get much in terms of gifts, but that's never really been the point of the holiday for me. My goal is to survive the day with as little fighting with my family as possible. And this year, I got the closest to that goal, I've EVER gotten.

As for my birthday, as always, it passed with little note. I got a bunch of "Happy birthday"s from my friends on FaceBook, and a couple of personal messages. I went out and saw True Grit (good movie), bought myself some Blu-Rays, and treated myself to dinner. I still have the desire to have a HUGE party on my birthday, and one day, I will do it. But for this year, the marking of the 34th orbit around the sun that the earth made since I was introduced to the multi-verse, I was good with a slow day by myself. If I'd had the money, I would have topped the day off with a hooker or two, but that also is for another year.

We're a couple days away from New Year's Eve and it's looking like I'm not going to be doing much for that, either. This year, I'm going to stay up and watch one of the specials (normally, I just sleep through it) maybe with a bottle of wine or something. It could be fun.

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