Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Awesome Cover...

I have to admit, I gave in to peer pressure. After months of being begged, cajoled, threatened, bribed, and finally just brutally pelted with information & media of regarding the new HBO series, Game of Thrones, I finally caved and watched the show. I'm glad I did. The show turned out to be absolutely awesome. From production values to casting, it was simply amazing. I gave a detailed review in an earlier blog posting. While I'm not the only one who loved the opening episode of the show,(HBO renewed the series for a 2nd season based JUST on the ratings for the 1st ep!), I was surprised to see how much attention the opening credit sequence was getting. And that's just the CREDITS people!! The one critique I heard was from my friend, David, who didn't think it was worth all the hype, and more to point of this post, didn't really think the Game of Thrones theme was all that great, either. In case you haven't heard it, here is the opening sequence of the show. Pay very close attention to the music, okay?

Now, that is a great theme, isn't it? It fits the show in so many ways, it's epic but restrained. Powerful, yet focused. This morning, I found a video of a guy at White Noise Lab, who did a rock version of the theme. Check it out:

This is actually a fantastic version of the show's theme. It adds a level of energy to it that make the theme much more powerful. It reminds me of the score of the movie LadyHawke. Thoughts??

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  1. Snazzy! Although, I saw this already sometime last week. Apparently there are quite a few different covers of this now by various artists and instruments. The theme is catching like wild fire across the realm!