Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Death Hunts Again...

While we're on the subject of movie trailers, I just found another that looks really interesting. This is for Final Destination 5. Now I know, the movies have taken a slight downturn in the last two films, but the tone of this trailer is very reminiscent of the first film. Check it out:

Can you see what I mean? The deaths look elaborate, but it looks like they've gone back to the whole "Death takes you using your own actions" vibe that made the first two films just so deliciously diabolical to watch!!

There's also a hint of a potential rule change. That line about "kill or be killed" leads to some interesting thoughts. Up until now, everyone's been focused on saving everyone, what if you decide to save yourself by helping Death out and killing the others on "Death's List"? Would you be saved by becoming an Agent of Death??

And did you see Tony Todd? Now he's a coroner with the ME's office!!! How awesome is that?? I'm hoping it means he's going to have a much bigger role in this upcoming film, and not just the role of Death's creepiest messenger.


  1. I stopped liking these movies after the second one. Nothing will ever entice me to come back to them. Like SAW, they need to take this franchise out behind the shed and put it out of its misery.

  2. That's because you were watching the movie for the wrong reasons. The main attraction to these films for me is the Rube Goldberg-esque manner in which the deaths occur.

    No bad guy, no evil creature, or stupid masked lunatic, just random events coming together with lethal intent!!

  3. Yawn. The many ways in which people die in horror movies have always been so damn silly that it's hard for me to put much value into them. Hence why I'm not a horror fan. Freddy, Jason, etc. . . BOOORING! I only liked Halloween for the stalkerish, demonic serial killer aspect. Which is pretty damn creepy and almost realistic. But the other movies, including the FD series, are just too silly.