Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Love Song Playlist...

It has come to my attention that I come across as someone who has a somewhat harsh view of love. Some say it’s so harsh a view that it’s conceivable that I don’t really believe in love. Now, I am the first to admit that I’m a caustic, sarcastic, cynical kind of guy. But not to believe in love?? I hardly think I’m THAT far gone! I’m just a bit more… critical of love than most. In fact, I’ll prove it. Here is a list of love songs from my own personal collection of music. And before you ask, yes I will swear to the fact.

*places hand on holy object of reader’s choice*
 I swear by all that you deem holy that at the time of this posting, I actually own copies of each and every one of the following songs.
*removes hand from holy object, inspects hand for burns*

01.                       01Take That – Rule The World (Full Version)
02.                       02NeYo – Closer
03.                       03 Joy Enriquez – Uh Oh
04.                       04 Debelah Morgan – I Remember (Rodney Jerkins Extended Remix)
05.                       05 Savage Garden – Chained To You
06.                       06 Jessica Simpson – Irresistible
07.                       07 Bosson – One In A Million
08.                       08 Leann Rimes – The Right Kind Of Wrong
09.                       09 Joss Stone, Les Paul, & Sting – Love Sneakin’ Up On You
10.                       10 Santana (Ft. Alex Band) – Why Don’t You & I
11.                       11 Soluna – Bring It To Me
12.                       12 Lionel Richie – Angel (Metro Mix)
13.                       13 Gloria Estefan – Everlasting Love
14.                       14 Liberty X (Vs Richard X) – Being Nobody
15.                       15 Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel
16.                       16 Usher (Ft Will.I.Am) – OMG (Album Version)
17.                       17 Santana (Ft. Michelle Branch) – The Game Of Love
18.                       18 Marc Anthony – I’ve Got You
19.                       19 Angel City – Love Me Right
20.                       20 Al Green – Love & Happiness

Okay? Are you happy now? Satisfied? Good!

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