Wednesday, May 11, 2011


FOX is dressed in all black, with an Executioner's Hood over it's head. And with a swift, sure motion, it has let the axe fall and killed five shows. In the wake of renewing House M.D. for an eighth season and green lighting any number of new pilots (including a Bones spin-off called "The Finder"), the television network dropped the bad news for the following shows:

The Chicago Code
Breaking In
Human Target
Lie To Me
Traffic Light

This is all per the following article from The Voice of TV.Com. I was very surprised to hear that Breaking In was on the list considering the show JUST STARTED airing barely a month ago! I can understand Human Target, since the show really didn't find a solid audience despite completing two seasons. But the biggest heart-breaker in this list for me is the cancellation of Lie To Me.

LTM was one of the few shows that grabbed my interest right from the first few minutes of the show. Which was surprising because I was watching the show expecting it to suck so badly that I wouldn't make it through the first ep. Having a big name actor like Tim Roth as the lead usually usurps the budget of pilot ep so they can't afford stuff like writers and the like. And yet, the show shined! Lie To Me was a very interesting show and an exceedingly dynamic and engaging cast. And as a bonus, I learned a lot with every single episode!

Alas, never again will I marvel at Cal Lightman's insane antics or calmly ogle Foster's elegant hotness, or learn about the intricacies of human expression and emotion as displayed on the human face. I will miss it a great deal.  It is such a shame that Lie To Me will never see another "Brand New Day"...


  1. I still have the last 4 episodes of Lie To Me saved on my Tivo because I cannot bring myself to watch them. Ugh, I so hate that show now. It was just the same thing over and over and over. After a while, it started getting very bland. But when it first started, it was REALLY good.

    So, yeah, I'm not sad to see it canceled. It needed to end. I'm not sad about any of these shows, actually. Except for Human Target, which was genuinely a guilty pleasure of mine and which I thought was only getting better.

    That right there? Yeah, that really sux, Fox.