Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Look At... The Barbarian...

Today saw release of the new trailer for the re-make of Conan: The Barbarian. After watching it, I find myself much more interested in the film. It comes across much as I would imagine Conan's world to be. Brutal, relentless, and bringing about a necessary violence in its inhabitants. Check it out for yourself:

The really cool part is this article where the director gives a bit of info on the mindset and tone of the film and a key piece of information. They are going for an R rating. This is fucking awesome!!

Most studios believe that in order to make serious money, any movie they make has to be, at most, rated PG-13. They figure that this allows for the widest audience to come view the movie. The problem is that the material covered in some films is undermined because of the limitations on what can be shown in a PG-13 film. Movies like Conan should have a R rating in order to fully and properly explore the depths of the material. I really wish there were more rated R films out there. It would make the catalog of films much more interesting.



  1. Hey Rodney,
    sorry, but this remake looks terrible. The original is an all time favorite (I have a Atlantean Sword!) and the trailer looks like a "300" type thing only worse. Why can't they leave classics alone? The new "Nightmare on Elm Street" was terrible and I am not even going to see the "Red Dawn" remake.

  2. Hey GYC,
    I completely agree that the original is a cherished favorite. However, due to Arnold's lack of knowledge of the English language at the time, Conan comes across as kind of an idiot. Plus, the battles are a bit too stylized for my tastes.

    I'm seeing a lot more potential in this movie for a portrayal of Conan that is closer to the spirit of the original stories.

    I will agree with you that the new "Nightmare" wasn't great. But there are several remakes that have done amazing things with the original material: Ocean's Eleven, True Grit, etc..