Sunday, April 25, 2010

All Women Are Beautiful

I'm of a mind that women are beautiful no matter their size. Everyone has their own personal preferences, but all women are beautiful. Apparently, this is not so for our television programming.

For the past week, there's been a big honking to-do going on over the banning of Lane Bryant's new lingerie ad from tv, ostensibly due to it being "too racy". Tell me if this ad is too racy for tv...

I've seen some of the Victoria Secret commercials. I'm sure, dear reader, you have as well. Compared to those, this ad is G rated. I mean seriously... what is up with people today?? Lane Bryant claims the ad was banned because it featured a plus sized model. I think they're right.

The model here, Ashley Graham, is representative of a segment of the population rarely showcased on TV. In fact, the last plus sized women I saw showcased on tv was Miracle Laurie on the tv show, Dollhouse. Besides the fact that these women are dead on target with my personal preferences, I think tv networks have a responsibility to show people as they are. Lane Bryant did a fantastic job with the ad, and made a great choice with their model. Why should the tv studios NOT air this??

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