Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rising out of Obscurity

Since the advent of the search engine, the Internet has become a great deal more simple in terms of FINDING any information relevant to your needs. One of the best is Not only are they widespread, but they have a sense of humor. (April 1st 2010, they changed their page to Topeka in a mock name switch with the town! People's reactions were HILARIOUS!!)

After a little while, as people got used to search engines they started searching other things besides work stuff. Inevitably, they end up searching for themselves. And yes, dear reader, I have succumbed to the urge and googled myself. (Insert inappropriate sexual jokes here!) The funny thing is, I found ANOTHER Rodney Lopez out there, who is a Mambo dance instructor!! Who would have thought God would make TWO spanish women crazy enough to mix Rodney with Lopez!! But it's true! Open another tab, go to Google and do a search on "Rodney Lopez". Mr. Mambo will appear.

However, I did a search for my internet handle "Dilking". And THIS BLOG appeared!! AT THE TOP OF THE LIST!!!

In fact, my blog has the top 3 links on the search! I'm gaining ground! Soon I will be famous! My name will be on everyone's lips... Velvet Ropes & womens's legs will part at my command!


Hmm... maybe I shouldn't be famous...

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